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tv   [untitled]    July 28, 2011 9:01am-9:31am EDT

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belgium with president sarkozy's ruling party and the opposition are already in talks to tie the knot we have contacts with other parties with you m.p. and we have contacted the socialist it has been confirmed to us that in case belgium would speed up then one would be welcome in france. the biggest party in the northern half want to split two experts say build already divided people don't know any more about the other half of the country the flemish people don't know who are the popular singers or writers today in the french speaking part and vice versa king albert fears bill jim's national day last week was its last he added the crisis threatens not just every belgian but european integration itself. the e.u. is scared that the divorce of belgium will spark of the rest of europe catalonia leaving spain scotland leaving and britain we're already seeing separatist marches
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and mixed community towns here turning violent with guns getting called to take just one big clash from brussels to become. that conflicts or a mass killing not suffered in europe since world war two neighbors turned on each other as you can slow via broke up and the determination of regional identity is not to be underestimated fridge unionists say they have the flag and everything else worked out to become france's twenty eight region all that's left are the details the new bush will see brussels. well we want to know if you think the belgian people's desire to end their own happy marriage will affect all this. here's how. the moment. another thing is divided clearly on this on whether you ninety days are numbered forty two percent say that the you have been stuck together. while around a quarter of a new nation. to the extreme of the link to go it alone the rest say that
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a global economic slump or exacerbate the gratian will and won't spell the end of the blog add your voice of the debate r.t. dot com. now the u.s. military says it will continue their own reconnaissance missions near china and that's despite beijing's protest last month after two a chinese fighter jets intercepted a u. two spy plane over taiwan which china claims as its territory let's discuss this now with the don't. think professor of china's think why university school of journalism and communication not to share many things surface being with us here in our china has already reacted saying it warns the u.s. to respect its sovereignty why do you think washington would want to provoke beijing if you like in this way you know little to the question of the relocation train do you know do they know the china long read it to look
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a little terrestrial any nation there is challenge the american polar or all around look at all the u.s. through the creation of its complete knowledge particularly against to china why i believe the silo. we call the cheek to polar in that this century us is all we're always in their glory. all the last super column and ship in there. they are desperate to stir it all to their global dominance over the whole war but the third member of the fact that china is many argue we were aiding. the respect from the international community a more united states of america. its standing by ensuring the crisis in its own warring the provocation around the war as we.
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let's focus on this specific story that we've got taking place at the moment the u.s. says that it wants greater transparency from china about its military but hey we've got the u.s. flying spy planes nearby disputed taiwan do you think china could become more transparency in this environment do you think it feels that it can become a more transparent you know why the they are talking about the transparency of the military because it i believe it is a political gimmick is part of the propaganda sort of keep the money shot of the nation the challenging u.s. power on the floor you know all of the one point six trillion dollars as of two one want to tell you last year the whole tree that was it or which all these three
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percent is coming from you know to the states china will need to install a certain point three percent who are used to doing are doing our jobs who was there believe military dollars even far far less than the american military problem military policy as the whole world knows but it's a political deal it is a political agenda. as it has continued to the four soviet union or any other nations around the block ok well as those are churning out general fairly bleak numbers being thrown around there let's just move on to talk about what happened last week we know that the head of nato criticized its european members the defense budget being carts across the across the group the warning being that this might mean china to become the world's policeman is there a chance do you think that the u.s. . might be losing its dominant position. there's re we know all it's
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a signs of all real witness though in terms of the western colonial power or you may say all the courier koehler all rolled their losing its shows a sense look desperation and we knew this there are still are still in the coal. is still going to be not ready. but first let's leave it. to me to kill chang west's having a few difficulties there are no connection but many thanks for those are very strong thoughts there dr singh they're visiting professor at the same high university school of journalism and communication in beijing. ok now bolivia's president says he fears u.s. authorities might plan on caustics on his plane and link him with drug traffickers when even moralities attending the un general assembly in new york has been sharing his concerns with r.t.
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. turning on this the information is coming from the u.s. i think there is some kind of a system some preparations being done by secret agents it's a little way of undermining the authority of the bolivian president and of the government do you remember this news from wiki leaks what was america's goal was it to capture me or neutralize me or overthrow me but they failed what can they do now try charging us with illegal activities with drug smuggling or terrorism for instance to ultimately destroy us that's their plan i believe. the highlights of the interview with the president even morality is available for you to watch right now dot com. three stronger charges three arrangement three. three stooges free. and free broadcast lodging
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videos for your media project a free video gondar t. dot com. president medvedev has awarded a list of americans will be banned from entering russia it's a response to a u.s. decision to travel restrictions of russian officials to the case of need ski who died in jail while awaiting trial for tax evasion. according to a source in the russian foreign ministry this list will include american officials who are thought to all violated the rights of russian citizens and is moscow's answer to these so-called blacklist previously enforced by the u.s. state department that list includes dozens of russian officials including some senior police officers agents of the federal security service lawyers doctors and others who the state department believes are linked to sort of give these death all of them are now banned for it from entering the united states the kremlin says it's
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puzzled by the situation since there are several investigations currently being held looking into the circumstances of money ski's death and this blacklist was enforced before a court could make a decision on them previously the russian foreign ministry would also if you speak criticize this blacklist saying that it's an unfriendly act which may negatively affect the trust between the two countries also called it an old school tactic to intervene and up why pressure on these investigations and promised an adequate response just to remind you said it was all we were who worked with a large foreign investment fund here in russia he was accused of organizing a huge money laundering scheme was arrested but died in prison before a court could make a decision on his case this caused a huge wave of criticism both in russia and among the international community so separate investigations were started including the one being held by the
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president's commission on human rights. in just a few minutes the scorchers strikes back the songs that full pelt in russia's heat wave but the real dangers on the ground with fears that smoldering bogs could spark and other choking smoke itself. iran's nuclear program has passed the point of no return according to its foreign minister in the next hour he explains. why the contrie backtrack on his atomic bombs. iran has reached a point in its nuclear research where it is impossible to stop or go back with nuclear technologies or develop into a domestic industry becoming a fact of life for many iranians now that we have educated and trained thousands of nuclear scientists in the west or the entire world stop us from enriching uranium so as for how the situation is going to develop there is no limits discussion dialogue and negotiation we see it as
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a test for ourselves for our patients and and throughout our history we have managed to prove to the world that you run does not give up in the face of suppression and still if we are ready to put any price and withstand anything there is no point in doing interviews with the more they threaten and pushes the more determined we become to move out of school. now financial crisis first saw it all. and with money in short supply for companies in the west they're taking their operations and dollars to the cheap east preassure to look at how the american financial downturn has been great for the indian economy. it's the great recession of the twenty first century what started as a collapse in the housing market in the united states has led to unemployment hunger and debt crises around the world and while countries are struggling to protect their interests increasingly western businesses are shifting their work
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east to cut costs welcome to guard down a modern suburb of new delhi everywhere you look there offices of american companies at the sign of the importance the united states has placed on this country during the financial crisis according to rethink our sourcing reports american companies have been free production in that country as much as that in time in the past three year. carrier corporations is a multi-billion dollar american heating and ventilation company they say that over the past decade their business has shifted from being seventy percent us base to just forty percent today removing consciously in that direction so the idea is to have a good balance it's not about being focused on one mocker together but having a good balance and all this me you know when merging markets like india china and asia as such continue to be called areas for us globally. and carrier isn't alone according to the u.s. department of commerce the same number of jobs that have been cut from the united states in the last decade have been added to these companies overseas operations
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it's a phenomenon that angers many americans who are struggling to make ends meet i think it's despicable disgusting and we have people here that have worked here all of their lives in a losing jobs left and right because somebody on top wants to make a buck and pay the cheapest possible deal are mine dollars to go to stimulate the economy here in america i think are american companies should hire american workers . because of the shrinking middle class and the fact that middle class wages are decreasing over the last thirty years so many people here they don't. do to me and i do think that is the wrong thing to do is. and it's not just manufacturing work american i t. companies and innovation jobs are also moving here in droves as well as huge savings on wages many companies say india's fast growing economy and young workforce make it a desirable place to find staff there are amazingly talented people here in the
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part of the workforce and you know it's a matter of helping other other markets understand you know there are very talented people here who can do a lot of great work and it's not just about outsourcing and it's growth that these american companies don't anticipate will end anytime soon within the markets we have a good old from the last forty years as almost every person that's laws are being asked put additional if you would like to double business. use a confidence not often found among their colleagues in the west preassure either r t new delhi india. more reports from inside india or also online few would call me including how to tell about the catch of the day india china cruise find things trolls for life begins with a different kind of network and to illustrate the point to a section on the story for inspiration how to look at o.c.
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. now the most curious knowledge of forty degrees in the memories of loss on this smoke covered city are leaving a chill in the. reports on how the wildfires a back spreading fear as well as planes. a whiff of smoke and moscow is in panic again the toxic cocktail of beads smoke wood smoke and exhaust fumes that filled the capitol last august is still buried in people's memory intense b. block fires and the record heat waves were blamed for the dense smoke that sent pollution levels soaring ten fold the authorities swore they would be prepared this year to find a place like this you don't have to go far from the capital this moke is familiar to everyone who was in moscow last summer back then doctors said breathing in the smoke that covered the city was equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes every hour now the question on everyone's mind is whether the
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smog misery is back again peed bongs may look harmless with just tiny flames on the surface but in fact every square meter requires a ton of water to extinguish the fire burning deep underground for you why did it turn a small green peas beneath the surface may undermine or work the authorities insist the situation is under control and most of the flies in moscow region have been successfully extinguished however campaigners say officials are underreporting the extent of the problem both around moscow and across the country. after the situation has made it worse by the bureaucrats instead of reacting swiftly and spend all their time concealing the information about fires and does make it more difficult to get the bill in time but it would. campaigners say part of the problem is that the forests are being mistreated they say more needs to be done to prevent fires by better management with summer at its peak remnants of camp fires are all
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across the forest despite a ban introduced a month ago and there's only so much one tears can do when i was driving into the forest that in seeing it for bedding as i use there is a huge placard at the entrance the record breaking heat of summer two thousand and ten resulted in devastating forest fires. it killed sixty two people destroyed one hundred ninety nine towns and reduced city two hundred houses to actions during. the fire i was literally coming towards us we could hear the trees crackling they were burning and then hoosh the wind blew it the other way you know this year most of the country's advance well drained and the fires are raging one small large a reserve forest have already been destroyed in russia's far east while parts of the north are already choking on smog and with all the still to go russians from the capital to the countryside hope the summer sun won't be as dead league this time. archie moscow region. again as i got some news in brief this
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hour now in the un security letters to you without a service request into the flaring violence and northern course the boat a group of third being destroyed aboard a qassam is posed between the two states a day after nato soldiers were shot asked the same area well it comes at a cost there's bound goods from serbia in this dominated area which rejects the cost varies two thousand and eight as if that and. rescue efforts are underway in south korea after heavy rainfall claimed at least forty four lives there the country's capital emergency teams are using heavy machinery and shovels to search for survivors flooding has forced thousands from their home and destroyed many buildings another twenty five centimeters of rain is expected to fall on friday. in just a few minutes spotlight asif in all things will grow into a why do you opinion tariff threat over for that the business news with kevin.
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hello and welcome to our business report this hour thanks for joining me the ruble has reached a three year high against the euro dollar basket they rallies being driven as much by fears over the prospects of the u.s. and european economies as by fears the azen for russia now to discuss the issue i'm joined by again endorsing chief economist at financial corp hello gainey thanks for coming to the program so what is what's behind the strengthening of the ruble frankly speaking i wouldn't call that. move to russia or any i'm sorry and your threat from for example the events in european or the american for example economists this situation looks like very simple complex but local private capital outflow has decreased in the second couple july and high oil prices to go up first
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or so dogcart of sebastian so if you like that he shoots occasions more trivial investor has not played yet so there are all the in peace movement of the car it's a problem so when you see the peak i mean what's the highest level the ruble could go to. all things being equal i expect that to happen in the second call for in the first half in between first and second half of two thousand and twelve so between the second and third quarter somewhere roughly it will be about when to seek support will be even lower will spur dollar and to be roughly a thirteen told to all comes about in boston. we're saying that high oil prices are not good for the economy but what about the strong ruble is it good for the economy for the russian economy or all about consumers and we speak about short term definitely it's good because a lot of consumer goods are being important when your buy cheap are your feel if you feel it was yourself more comfortable have already seen that after opening of all off after food stocks has begun to enter
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a russian markets but they too is invalid this we saw a local prices decrease in that that trend which began in the beginning of two thousand to levon continues to be smallman. foodstuff prices down which is comfortable for the consumers definitely without any single doubt well seeing that more expensive food bill from the beginning of the thousand to levon is me to get in local a local well known food stuff price growth as far as goods are concerned to i'm not speaking about services but. their prized growth is mitigated by more expensive national council which is also more comfortable for the consumers in the longer term if local businesses will not be able to sustain expensive food may result into high levels of unemployment unfortunately this may affect the local output and this may result into a less comfortable situation for the consumer with respect to their activities and . and. willingness to buy but i do not think that we're speaking to both such a situation so i don't i don't think that this is
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a great program especially if they can acknowledge that maybe other emerging market currencies are also becoming more and more expensive to do or europe what about the dollar let's let's stick to the law and how do you see the dollar rebounding if the u.s. government manages to raise the debt ceiling as they're trying to do now yes it looks like that all those debates which mostly political i would say yes they frighten investors to some extent and push them out so for the u.s. currency i don't even thought that the issue will be solved because there is no single party there is no single major power it can be yes which could benefit from . from from the event of for no inclusion to that ceiling in my opinion well if the crisis in the us and europe we see continuing to you think that the money will stop flowing to peripheral currencies like the ruble australian dollar for a whole yes that has already been happening actually countries which exporter materials they have benefited to a lot from the situation in the. beginning of the crisis so there was
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a famous idea of the couple in emerging markets versus the brussels developed one it didn't to our core in two thousand and eight and the beginning of two thousand my wanting to see if it looks like better markets developing countries they are becoming more and more less and less dependent on the developed ones they're trying to diversify their export flows they're trying to rely more on themselves on their local demand like china for example regional partners again we can provide their chinese brazilian examples they're trying to work more extensively not trying not to concentrate on developed markets only as it was before two thousand and seven two thousand and they're becoming less or less dependent on the situation in developed ones they're becoming more they're becoming more comfortable in terms of their own development and therefore the. truck to attract foreign capital from developed countries without any single doubt because we're going to be happening in this is happening and this will be happening it's only a question of whether russia will be able to gain its part of the state because unfortunately so far we have been losing our people we have seen that private
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capital out for four nine consecutive months already or a little bit more actually i suspect july in two thousand the level also is. also also has brought that private capital on for a small one but still ok thank you again that's all we have time for unfortunately and plenty to talk about but thanks for coming to the program and speaking about this to us thank you. and a quick look at the markets here has a negative territory for the fourth day now the financial sector is struggling after goldman sachs downgraded and now. european banks to to limited prospects for loan growth the dax is down over one and a quarter of a percent this hour and in moscow the markets are mixed the artists have slipped into the red earlier games with is up zero point seven percent this hour now us a look at some individual moves on the my xix energy majors among the main gate is with gas from up around point eight percent russia's pharmaceutical giant farm
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standard is also off supported by news it has increased sales by sixty percent in the first half of the year meanwhile precious metal my nepali metal is half a percent in the red despite strong gold. that's all the business of that for the us of a joining me in about forty five minutes for more here on this is art.
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welcome to the kooks a big splash in the world of high tech business what turns events science into i judge the products they don't understand call for help which is going to be followed russian innovators to each emitters and broaden and their big breakthrough back home spotlight on startups on technology update here. we've got the future covered.
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it's now here in moscow this is see now washington is refusing to stop its reconnaissance flights near china despite beijing range of a violation chinese franti experts say the asian countries rapid military rise is a headache for the pentagon which feeds losing its well its. the kremlin is responding to a u.s. travel ban all officials linked to the death of annoying custody with
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a list of americans will be bald fermenter in russia moscow's angry at washington's move saying the investigation into said gave me death is still ongoing. he waives baking russia right now and it's raising fears that deadly smalled might return to the camp but while five seasons on the way along with underground peat bog flies which cools checking spoke to blanket's moscow. asks if the norway atrocities raise the threat of europe wide terrorism by far right extremists.
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well again the welcome to spotlight the interview show on r t m l we're not and today we will talk about the tragic events in know the man who massacred at least seventy six people said his go was doing morning bureau of the failure of its multicultural problems today many people including myself are very skeptical about how multiculturalism works so we have discussed it in spotlight with you several times but what makes a skeptic take a gun and dynamite is the norwegian terror is just a madman chorus europe facing a terror threat from neo nazi extremists who will discuss it today with an editor in chief of the russia in global affairs magazine that will count. it began with a huge explosion new government building.


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